Wood&cut is a project combining Frush design and the restorer Jane Harman. It’s a collection of colourful jewels and homeware cut and painted by hand. We consider each item a unique piece of sculpture, either to wear or to enjoy in your home.

Gems are sold only in Florence at the moment:
in Via Bartolini 1-3r, Florence.
But you can find us also on Etsy.

For any questions please write to woodncut@gmail.com
and visit the official web site

Read an article about us on:
Cosebelle Magazine
Platform Green

We make ornaments, pendants, earrings, brooches, rings, candle-holders, keyrings, photoframe, pen holders, place holders and lamps with different wooden essence (ebony, olive wood, iroko and pine). Made to order with your choice of colour.

Via Guido Monaco 9,
50144 Firenze – IT
+39 320 2184731
Giuditta Valentina Gentile